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By: Zai Manik

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Upcoming Products

Shell flower big white
Black Onyx chips
Glass faceted round 6mm pink
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These are the products types that are already in stock but I haven't have the time yet to update in this website:

1) Glass beads faceted round 6mm /4mm (finish: transparent)
2) Glass beads bicone 4 & 5 mm (finish: transparent)
3) Semi-precious gemstones chips
4) Shells - flower, round etc
5) China seed beads - 80% similar quality to MGB Japan seed beads

Sample pictures are as above.

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Acrylic stone Oval 18x25mm

Oval 18x25 01(silver)
Oval 18x25 80(black)
Price: RM5.00/10 pieces

Size: 18x25 mm (the biggest in my oval collection)

Codes available in stock (please cut and paste into email):
Acrylic Oval 18x25 80 black
Acrylic Oval 18x25 01(silver)

Size of the picture doesn't represent the actual size of the stones.

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Toyogo box 20_inside
Toyogo box 20_out (the paper label can be removed)
(1) Toyogo Box 20 compartments - RM 4.50 each
Overall size:
Size of each compartment:
Weight: 186 grams

Description: 20 equally sized compartment with 1 big lid and a very tight high-quality lock.
It can fit more than 10 grams of pearls, rice beads or equally big sized beads easily. Not recommended for small size beads such as seed beads because the tiny beads might "escaped" to neighboring compartments via the thin gap between the lid and the dividers. To avoid the "bead escape" problem, lay a thin sponge sheet or bubble warp sheet on top of the compartments before closing it.

(2)Box 6 compartments - RM2.50


The compartments are multi sized. The bigger compartments can store thread and needles while the smaller compartment can store beads and sequins.

Friday, 29-May-2009 06:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sequin Round Curved 4mm

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Pre-Raya Promo Price: RM2.00/10 grams (usual price RM2.50/10g)

Codes available (cut ans paste into your ordering email):

Metallic finish (regular):
SRC404M(dark green)
SRC427M (brown)
SRC436M (turquoise)
SRC405M (blue)
SRC410M (med green)
SRC412M (purple)
SRC402M (gold)

Metallic Laser:
SRC402MLaser - gold
SRC404MLaser - green
SRC410MLaser- lite green
SRC412MLaser- purple
SRC427MLaser - brown
SRC436MLaser - Turquoise

Some people think that using metallic sequins make the outfit looks too gaudy. If you think like that, try to layer them on top of Transparent AB (TAB) or susu sequins when making a flower, and you'll be surprised with the effects.

The metallic layer coat might flakes off bit by bit after some times. Avoid harsh detergent and do not soak too long in the water. Take extra care for metallic sequins because the color is coated on the surface of the sequins, rather than blended in, in the case of Transparent AB and susu finished sequins.

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Sequin Round Curved Metallic 6mm

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Price: RM2.50 / 10 grams

Size: 6mm (diameter)

Need more flash? Use metallic-finishes sequins to add the glams and starz to your prized outfit.
Codes available (cut and paste into ordering email):
SRC615M (gold)
SRC6orangeM (the color number will be updated later)

A special and limited stock DUAL COLOR metallic sequins are currently available. One color on the top and another color on the bottom. These special finish sequins were manufactured in a Taiwan's factory, with a very high quality finish. These sequins are limited stock (and will not be imported anymore once the current stock finished), so grab them ASAP. The best thing is, the price is the same as the regular metallic!

code - top color/bottom color
SRC6DCPP -pink/lite pink
SRC6DCYS - yellow/silver (no pic yet)
SRC6DCPB - black/darkish purple

Tips: To tone down the shininess of 6mm metallic sequins, layer the top of it with a smaller milky AB or transparent AB 4mm sequins. So you'll only see the edges of the metallic sequins.

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