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By: Zai Manik

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Wednesday, 15-Jul-2009 10:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gemstones Chips

Black Onyx chips
Howlite chips
Aventurine chips
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price drop..drop...drop...

Real semiprecious gemstones chips. The prices change according to the market. The picture is just a sample of the stones. Because they are natural and hand-cut, stones are varies in shape. size and coloring. No two strand are the same.

Length of strand: 90cm (that's 10cm short of 1m)

Black Onyx chips: RM7.00/strand
Howlite chips: RM7.00/strand
Aventurine chips: RM7.00/strand
Tiger Eye chips: RM7.00/strand
Rose Quartz chips: RM7.00/strand
Crystal Quartz chips: RM7.00/strand
Blood Stone (Indian Agate) chips: RM9.00/strand
Watermelon chips: RM7.00/strand (salmon pink) - no picture yet
Moonstones chips: RM 7.00/strand (bluish white) - no picture yet
Goldstone blue chips: RM7.00/strand (dark blue) - no picture yet
Goldstone copper chips: RM7.00/strand
Flourite chips: RM7.00/strand (purple & lite green) - no picture yet
Fire Agate chips: RM7.00/strand (orange) - no picture yet
Amethyst chips: RM11.50/strand (purple) - no picture yet
Smoky chips: RM9.00/strand (transparent black) - no picture yet

Tuesday, 14-Jul-2009 03:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ZaiManik Giveaway/Contest....

Emerald oval
Jonquil eye
Fuchsia round
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Pre-raya giveaway...giveaway...giveaway...

Do you want to win the fabulous, sparklous (sorry I made up the word so that it rhyme..hehe), delicious GLASS STONES?

Not acrylic, but GLASS stones. They cost a bomb. Smaller sizes cost RM2++/piece, while bigger size cost RM3++/piece. I bought few grosses as samples some time ago and end up not selling any of them because of the "attractive" prices. I've decided to get rid of them by giving them as prizes to the beaders.

These are the prizes:
1st: 20 pieces of big size Emerald oval glass stones worth RM72.00
2nd: 20 pieces of med size Jonquil eye glass stones worth RM 56.00
3rd: 20 pieces of med size Fuchsia round glass stones worth RM50.00
4th: 20 pieces of med size Crystal square glass stones worth RM50.00
5th: 20 pieces of med size Topaz drop glass stones worth RM48.00

TOTAL GIVEAWAY is RM 276.00 and 5 lucky beaders will be the winners.

How to win this giveaway?
1) Add this FP as a link in your website (FP, blog etc) - your website must be related to beading, of course.
2) Create a post in your website on why you should win this giveaway. be as creative as possible.
3) Email to me ( to notify your participation and the link to your post.

Winners will be determined according to their creativity in the post. Contest ends on 24th July 2009 and winner will be announced on 29 July 2009.

And Yes, you need to have a sort of website in order to enter this giveaway. And I will not promote this giveaway anywhere else except on this FP. So whoever stumbles upon this page, you're really lucky.

List of participants (if 5 aje particpantsnya, semua dpt hadiahlah..haha):
1) Nisa (websitenya biarlah rahsia dulu coz takut nanti unfair to her and other contestants)
2) Amira Saryati
3) Baizura
4) Ann

Monday, 13-Jul-2009 10:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
80% MGB

CR731 - yellow
CR735 - red
CR741 - lite blue
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RM 3.00 / 20 grams package

Size: 11/0
Codes available:
CR731 (yellow)
CR735 (red)
CR741(light blue)
CR745(light green)
CR733 (orange)
CR763 (white)
more colors in the future if there are adequate requests for them.
Hmmm..weird title, don't you think?

It's because this page is for a type of Chinese seed beads that copied MGB's technology and even color coding. The quality is 80% of MGB quality, while MGB is the lowest quality among the 3 brands of Japanese seed beads(MGB, Miyuki and Toho).

Lots of smaller beads shops purchased this beads at a lot lower price than original Japanese beads and sell them off as Japanese beads to the customers. If you happen to see the original package of 1 Lb., it might have the brand 'Sunflower' or another brand which I have to check back. So, beware of this trap, coz you might be paying Japanese price for a Chinese beads. Even the color codes are the same as MGB!

However, among the Chinese beads, this is the highest quality and the price is more expensive than other China beads (but lower than Japanese beads).

Why do I stock them? Because Miyuki importer doesn't import certain finish such as opaque (except for black color). The original MGB is pretty hard to get at a deserving wholesale price in Malaysia. So, I'm taking the middle road by introducing this line, but making sure that the customers are aware of the origin of the beads.

Lots of popular beads such Nora Manik use these bright opaque finished beads to bright up their design. You may notice that Sarawakian tend to use opaque finished beads for their craft embroidery.

Wholesale of 100g / 450g is welcome.

TREASURE: 1 piece of seven compartment bead box

Thursday, 9-Jul-2009 08:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malas tahap dewa....

Walaupun banyak sungguh beads yg gambar baru diambil oelh En. A, sesungguhnya kemalasan tahap gunung untuk meng update ke dlm FP ini. Ditambah pula dgn kerja ofis yg bertimbun2, dan malam2 dipenuhi dgn acara mengpack manik yg tak pernah habis kerana order pre-raya yg tak pernah putus - Alhamdulillah.

Oleh kerana kesibukan saya yg keterlampauan, maka byk order manik yg backdated. Maka, untuk mengurangkan kegusaran hati pelanggan2 ku yg setia, maka setiap order manik selepas ini akan disertakan dgn 1 pack sequin 5grams FOC (konon nak ambil hati customer sket coz lambat hantar).

Selalunya order yg lambat saya hantar adalah bila ada jenis manik yg diorder telah habis stok. Maka saya akan meminta ehsan suami saya utk mengambil stok dr importer (jika hari bekerja), atau saya ambil sendiri pada pagi Sabtu.

Maaf dipinta yek dan sokongan dan pemahaman anda amat dihargai.

Tuesday, 30-Jun-2009 01:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PRE-RAYA PROMO - 4mm Sequins Price Drop!!

A gift to my loyal customers and new customers, here's another pre-raya offer, on top of buy 10, free 1 Miyuku (check out Current PROMOTION page).

The price of ALL 4mm SEQUINS regardless of colors and shape will be REDUCED from RM2.50 /10 grams to RM2.00 / 10 grams, with immediate effect.

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