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Supplier of Japanese Seed beads and beads embroidery supply
By: Zai Manik

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FAQ a.k.a. My Rambling

This is a page where I'm going to answer frequently asked questions about beads, my business or even myself.

(1) What happen to website?
It's still on the internet but it's not active anymore. I can't update it anymore. That's why I started this fotopage to replace it. The prices in there are no longer valid.

(2) Do you have a bead shop?
Brick and mortar shop? Not yet because I don't have the capital and time to do it. This is only a part time business. I work full time at a GLC and my schedule can be pretty hectic. At night, I need to spend time with my 4 children before I can spend time on beads (which usually only can happen when my baby falls asleep).

Occasionally I open manik booth at selected events such as Amcorp Mall flea market (certain Saturdays), NoraManik's beading class (when she invites me) and sales events at Menara TM. Check the upcoming manik booth dates at Manik Booth page.

(3) Do you take tempahan jahit manik?
No or not yet at least. I only bead my own outfits or my close relatives' (FOC, of course). Reasons - no time and I don't like the extra stress. Beading is a hobby and for me a hobby should be enjoyable. I usually need some time for creative thinking (I like to experiment with new design) and the commissioning itself. I need to be in the mood to bead, which is not a good attribute for a beader-for-hire.

(4) What is the different between Miyuki and Miyuku?

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Silver & White Round

YR1 11/0
YR250 (TransAB)
YR511 (ceylon))
Price: RM3.30 / 10g

Codes in my collection:

YR 1 11/0 - silverline
YR1001 - Silverline AB (rainbow) - no pic yet
YR 250 - transparent AB (rainbow)
YR 511 - ceylon

Miyuku round seed beads (the posh name is Round Rocailles ) are famous for their size consistency.

Compulsory color to have in your collection: YR1 (Silver SL), YR250 (crystal TAB)

TREASURE: 1 pack of SRC3119 10g

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Beading Needle

RM 2.20/ pack (contains 25 needles)

Brand: Royal
Quantity: 25 needles inside
Size: 11
Made in Japan

The price is increased by 20 cents than 2008's price. These needles are from Japan too.

Normal retail price: RM2.80 (at Chow Kit area)

Note: I discontinued offering Regal brand because there's a lot of imitation Regal brand needle out there. Even I was duped few times.

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Postage Charge

Original post office: around Kuala Lumpur (Metro Prima)
Pos Laju

1) Very secured, recipients need to sign the delivery note. Postman will leave a note if no one home. Recipients either have to pick up the package from the Pos Laju center or request for 2nd delivery.

2) Accept any form of package regardless of width and thickness.

Pos Laju Charges (weight inclusive of items and packaging):

Within KL, postcode 50000 - 60000, 68000-68100 (Poslaju):
0 - 500g : RM4.40
500g - 750g : RM5.40
750 - 1kg : RM 6.40
1kg -1.25kg : RM7.40
1.25kg - 1.5kg :RM 8.40
1.5kg - 1.75kg : RM 9.40
1.75kg - 2kg : RM 10.40

Peninsular Malaysia (Poslaju):
0 - 500g : RM5.70
500g - 750g : RM7.00
750 - 1kg : RM8.20
1kg -1.25kg : RM9.40
1.25kg - 1.5kg :RM10.60
1.5kg - 1.75kg :RM11.90
1.75kg - 2kg :RM14.40

Sarawak (Poslaju):
0 - 500g: RM8.20
500g - 750g:
750 - 1kg:
1kg -1.25kg:
1.25kg - 1.5kg:
1.5kg - 1.75kg:
1.75kg - 2kg:

Sabah (Poslaju):
0 - 500g: RM8.70
500g - 750g:
750 - 1kg:
1kg -1.25kg:
1.25kg - 1.5kg:
1.5kg - 1.75kg:
1.75kg - 2kg:

Registered Parcel

1) Very secured. Recipient need to sign delivery note (sometimes the postman ask for IC for ID confirmation)
2) A lot cheaper than Pos Laju

1) Longer dellivery time than Pos laju, up to 7 days to some area.

Peninsular Malaysia (Parcel):
0kg - 1kg :
1kg - 2kg :
2kg- 3kg :

Sabah & Sarawak (Parcel):
0kg - 1kg :
1kg - 1.5kg :
1.5kg - 2kg :
2kg - 2.5kg :

Pos Express
Only for RM10.00 or less order. I can't guarantee the delivery using Pos Express.

Pro: no additional package required. Cheap for small order.
1) Not secure enough. Postman just leave the envelope in the mail box
2) Content is limited according to weight, height and thickness of products.

RM 3.50 envelope (Pos Express new price w.e. on 1 Oct 2009 by Pos Malaysia) - max weight 250g, max thickness 5mm, 229mm x 160mm envelope size
RM 4.50 envelope (Pos Express new price w.e. on 1 Oct 2009 by Pos Malaysia) - max weight 500g, max thickness 10mm, 353mm x 250mm envelope size
RM 6.00 box (at this point, I advise customer to use Pos Laju because it's cheaper and most of the PO doesn't have the stock)

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Sequin Flower Flat 6mm

SFF601 Silver M
SFF602 lite Gold M
SFF603 Red M
View all 15 photos...
Revision in packaging and price (starting 18 May 2009)

RM3.50 / 10 grams (previous price was RM3.60 for 2 x 5 grams packages


SFF601 silver M
SFF602 lite gold M
SFF603 red M
SFF604 dark green M
SFF605 dark blue M
SFF608 bright pink M
SFF609 pale pink M
SFF612 purple M
SFF612 purple-brown M
SFF627 lite brown M
SFF636 lite blue M
SFF640 black O
SFF6249 lite green M
SFF640 black O
SFFB6 lite gold ML
SFFB8 silver ML
SFF651 white oAB
SFF6105 dark blue TAB
SFF6106 dark green TAB
SFF6117 red TAB
SFF6119 crystal TAB
SFF6123 lite green TAB
SFF6132 dark orange TAB
SFF6134 dark purple TAB
SFF6320 black OAB
SFF658SAB (med blue)
SFF652SAB (yellow) - actual sequins are yellow instead of the orangie tint in the picture.
SFF647SAB(lite pink)

S = Sequin
F = Flower
F = Flat
6 = size 6mm
xxx = color code
M/TAB/O/ML/OAB /SAB - Metallic/ Transparent AB / Opaque / Metallic Laser/ Opaque AB/susu AB

Size: 6mm
Finish: Transparent Rainbow, Metallic, Opaque, Metallic Laser and Opaque AB

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